Food Panty – Goals


2016 Goals

  1. Obtain and distribute between 125-135 thousand pounds of food in our primary catchment area of 21207, 21244, 21133 and surrounding areas. Outcome: Goal achieved. Distributed approximately 143,000 pounds of food. An increase of 21%.
  2. Increase the number of people served by 50% from 27,000 to 40,500. Outcome: Goal achieved. Increased people served to 58,300. An increase of 118%.
  3. Increase the total volunteers to 130. Outcome: Goal Achieved. Increased volunteers from 116 to 122.
  4. Increase staff from 1 to 3. Outcome: Goal not achieved. Unable to increase staff due to funding constraints.

2017 Goals:

  1. Raise $50,000 in annual revenue which will enable the pantry to maintain and expand capacity and expand services. Increase staffing from 1 to 3 and develop a 3 year strategic plan for annual revenue, volunteerism, operations and marketing.
  • Strategy: Expand footprint by relocating pantry from church to new facility to allow for growth; fundraising initiatives, increase partnerships, develop marketing plan.
  • Capacity: Staff, consultants, board members and networking.
  • Measurements: Financial reporting, portfolios, etc.
  1. Promote healthy eating habits by increasing our focus on nutrition.
  • Strategy: Distribute approximately 25 thousand pounds of fresh produce, hire a nutrition consultant, and obtain refrigerated truck.
  • Capacity: Produce donors, partner agency, expand infrastructure of vehicles.
  • Measurement: Monthly tracking and reporting of produce pounds, implementation of nutrition programs, and number of partnerships with food donors.
  1. Obtain and distribute between 170-175 thousand pounds of food and non-food essentials to our primary catchment area, surrounding areas and non-emergency non-profits.
  • Strategy: Maintain and develop food donor relations with particular emphasis on retail and produce markets).
  • Capacity: Expand infrastructure of vehicles, staffing and volunteer resources.
  • Measurement: Monthly and quarterly tracking of receiving and distribution reports of food pounds distributed, population served, volunteerism and food sources.