Food Panty – Meet our Team

Meet our Team

Janice M. Parker

Food Pantry Director

In the early 1990’s, as a young wife and mother, we fell on hard times, so I began going to different pantries to help supplement our meals. Unfortunately, some places left me feeling as if I were a second class citizen. I remember vividly the way some of the pantry workers didn’t even look up at me during the intake interview. These memories have served me well over the years causing my compassion for the less fortunate to blossom.

In 2007, when the opportunity to oversee our local pantry presented itself, I was more than willing. My number one priority, aside from only providing good quality food, was leaving people with their dignity intact. It is very important to me that the pantry patrons are all treated with respect and are made to feel welcome.

Agnes “Mama Agnes” Hunter

Lead Volunteer

I enjoy serving in the Food Pantry Ministry because I have always enjoyed helping others. Serving in this ministry allows me to bless others as GOD supplies the need. Being the director has allowed me to create a true Christ-like family atmosphere amongst the pantry volunteers as well as the patrons. This ensures that we know those who are laboring with us according to 1 Thessalonians 5:12-13. My ultimate goal is to create a team atmosphere because there is no “I” in team, but there is and “I” in win, and we all win when the pantry is a blessing to the community, STCFOC, each other and most of all the Lord.

Mildred Davis

Assistant Lead Volunteer

Working in the Food Pantry for me is an honor and privilege. I’m serving and helping God’s people. What could be better?