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New in 2019, Liberty Community Development Corporation (LCDC a 501(c)(3) Non-profit) has revamped our annual food and school supplies drive, giving it an innovative and different form of vitality. Once named the “Back to School Jam,” we are taking a new and fresh approach to efforts in igniting the community. Birthed from LCDCs’ mission to promote improvement in the quality of life of Baltimore County residents, this event has spanned twelve years and has provided over 10,000 families with food and toiletries and 15,000 children with school supplies. This half-day give a way event will continue with its original purpose but this year we are increasing the access to resources music and activities for everyone; committed to creating a fun and safe space for people of the community to have a good time and encourage a sense of community pride and cohesiveness.

With our new location and added goals we project attendance to double from the average 1000 attendees to 2000. We want to increase availability of resources, services and information to families. We also want to provide consultation and information from agencies, organizations and public policy-makers interested in improving the community. Working collaboratively to Serve, Uplift, Connect, and Celebrate our Community.


  • Provide an event which engages and inspires the interest of the local community.
  • Provide youth with supplies, clothing and tools that will encourage a successful school year.
  • Give education and tools to encourage financial literacy for youth and adults.
  • Effect a positive change and engagement with children and teens.
  • Support the growth and development of the local community and create community cohesion.
  • Increase community involvement through volunteerism, networking and participation.
  • Increase the availability and access of healthy local food to urban communities while promoting healthy choices and good nutrition.
  • Introduce post-secondary education opportunities and career possibilities.
  • Develop stronger, healthier individuals and families.
  • Provide opportunities to help families learn how to stay healthy and safe.
  • Provide health education and information through screenings and STI/STD testing.
  • Create an annual fun, relaxed, inclusive experience free for all attendees.


Connections are the “glue” that hold communities together; without them, a community stagnates and the quality of life declines. We are creating a space where connections among interested residents, elected officials, local businesses and volunteers are formed. Our commitment to the enhancement of the Woodlawn community has spanned over 12 years; as this event grows and evolves, so will the need for partners like you. You make a difference in the local economy and environment, by keeping Woodlawn unique and vibrant through your support for the development of the community. Join us as we continue to empower, educate and elevate Woodlawn and Baltimore County.


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To become an exhibitor, contact owefest@lcdcorp.org.