Participate in O.W.E. Fest


Our commitment to the enhancement of the Woodlawn community has spanned over 12 years; as this event grows and evolves, so will the need for partners like you. You make a difference in the local economy and environment.


Join us as we give back to our community become a volunteer. Click Here

Sponsor / Exhibitor

Gain exposure and followers by becoming a sponsor/exhibitor. We will post your linked company/organization name and logo (your .jpg or .png files) on our site, and provide several other promotional benefits such as social media posts, signage, announcements, etc.

We would like to reserve exhibitor space during the 2019 OWE Fest:

Food Vendor

With almost 2000 attendees that’s a lot of mouths to feed!! Register to become a Food Vendor / Food Truck participant.

Entertainment / Activities

Live Performers

  • Info coming soon


  • Paint & Sip Lemonade
  • Game Trivia
  • Amazing Race (Scavenger Hunt)
  • More